Occasions Florist has agreed to give a 20% discount on any flowers, including corsages, ordered no later than July 9, 2016.  Show proof that you’ve purchased your prom ticket, and take advantage of this deal!

J.R. CRIDER’S, Gainesville, GA

J.R. Crider’s is offering a $40 discount on tux rentals for  all prom-goers!  Get your ticket, show it to the staff at J.R. Crider’s and enjoy your discount.  Thanks for the support!


Sweet Acre Farms Winery, is providing a wine-slushy machine for our event!  This doesn’t mean you can drink for free, but that we won’t have to charge enough for tickets to cover the rental price of the machine!  Wine Slushies!!

Want a little extra pampering to get you in the Prom mindset?  Give Tortuga Massage a call!  They’re offering 20% off if you show your ticket!!

Mule Camp Tavern is hosting a Pink Floyd Tribute on the same night as prom!! Free admission for everyone wearing a prom wristband!!

New Vision Tattoo is offering 10% to anyone who shows their ticket (Obviously wait until “Prom Night” wears off, first!!)

Heading off the square after Prom, stop in at the Wild Wing after party with Highway Run Band, 1/2 price apps and $4 UV Vodka cocktails!

If you’re not ready to go home when the Prom winds down, hit the Re-Cess after party with the Hot Weather Band and $5 Hunch Punch!

We’d love to have your support for this event!  We have vendors who are offering discounts to our prom-goers, and others who simply want their brand in front of a bunch of fun-loving “grown-ups.”  We can accommodate requests for signage, website links and cross-promotion, and are open to your suggestions as well.  Let us know how you want to be involved!